Hungry Games

Heddings, Kate

Hungry Games

ISBN: 978-1-982136-14-7
Verlag: Simon + Schuster Inc.
Seiten: 160 S.
Erscheinungsjahr: 2050
Kopierschutz: DRM Adobe

CHF 10.25


Test your cooking (and puzzle) skills with this entertaining, clever recipe book that puts your cooking knowledge to the test!

Who doesn't love a good puzzle? And what sounds more satisfying than being able to eat your results afterwards? If you've ever tried cooking, you will be all too familiar with how puzzling certain recipes can be—from figuring out proper techniques to deciphering improper instructions. So why not make a game out of it?

In Hungry Games, former food editor Kate Heddings embarks on a journey to turn her recipe challenges into a game of recipe rehab, testing the skills of cooks who know it all by finding mistakes intentionally inserted into each recipe. Ranging from easy to difficult, these recipes contain both cooking mistakes (time, temp, quantities) editorial mistakes (out of order ingredients, spelling mistakes, etc.), and brings some fun back to cooking. Paired with traditional food-themed crossword puzzles and word search games, Hungry Games is perfect for every avid cook or puzzle fan—and gives the phrase "playing with your food" new meaning.


Kate Heddings